How We Work

Our marketing campaigns are hand-crafted with the goal of transforming and growing your customer base and margins.


Our team is comprised of web marketing, technical, publishing, and advertising professionals all with proven successes with our current dossier of clients. We are representing companies in finance, health and beauty, dating spaces and fashion industries. The founders of Interactive99 bring many years of experience in both digital media and online commerce – all of which drive revenue for our clients.


Our methodology begins with understanding your goals. We only endorse solutions that we know are right for you. From there we explore your industry in terms of competitive data, revenue models, and volume estimates and then deliver a well-developed marketing plan. With our plug and play analytics system and distribution partners we can get your new campaigns up and running quickly. Wash, rinse, optimize and repeat!


Good marketing programs start with solid partnerships that are based on trust. Our team has cultivated industry wide distribution partners that have proven results. Many of our partners have deep targeting capability, while others focus on volume. We create a marketing mix of sources that limit risk while raising your revenue.

Trust With Your Brand

We believe in the sanctity of the brand and understand that marketing campaigns must both respect and protect your core message. We take the time to ensure that your web presence complements and reinforces your core philosophy while reaching more people.

Skilled Account Management

We don’t believe in autopilot. We know our partners and monitor all of the campaigns we run. We are watching the traffic come in and ensuring that the volume backs out for our clients. We talk to our clients throughout the week and provide reports and feedback that make sense and provide actionable results.

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