What We Do

Interactive99 develops a multi-channel approach to our marketing strategy. We will look at the big picture and establish an action plan that may include the following services, depending on your needs.

Affiliate Marketing

Imagine having an online sales force with hundreds of partners all driving qualified traffic to your web property. Pay on a click, lead or sale. You choose when and how much to pay. Affiliates provide an efficient means to scale growth.

Email Marketing

Use the power of reach to boost ROI, generate more leads, and create new revenue streams. Email marketing allows you to generate targeted messages to large numbers of qualified customers. Email is fast and effective and the results provide great insights into your creative messaging.

Display Marketing

Launch big branding campaigns with measurable results. Target endemic advertising inventory that allow you to scale your message and increase your website’s visibility.

Market Research

Understand and overtake your competitive challenges. We will evaluate the competition by analyzing what they are doing correctly and what can be improved. Based on our findings we will implement new marketing strategies that will best speak to the needs of your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization

Stay on the top of the search results. Thorough keyword research, competitive analysis, link-building, and on-page optimization, we will ensure that your website’s search engine rankings and targeted traffic levels improve significantly.

Web Analytics

Knowledge is ROI. Make informed marketing decisions that convert more prospects into customers by tracking, reporting, and analyzing website traffic via web analytics.

Social Media Marketing

Benefit from the sheer magnitude of Facebook and Twitter. We will assist you in obtaining relevant website traffic from social networks. Select the right social media outlets and effectively talk to a broad group of customers.

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